Nathan Stephen Dunn

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Passionate about finding the perfect solutions to complex problems. I believe good code is like good poetry - succinct, elegant, to the point, and with its own unique beauty.

I have over 10 years of development experience, 5 of which have been leading teams. I’ve been developing Unity3D/VR since 2016 and have made games for Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Rift, and now Quest 2. Previously, I’d also done quite a lot of web applications and leadership, although my now Unity3D/VR/games is my passion.

Some of my projects include a VR Meditation game, a VR Molecule using the Ball-and-stick model for an educational game, a VR sound puzzle, a retro maze arcade mobile game, and a VR arena game on my most recent work.

Over the years I've had the privilege of writing web, desktop and mobile software used in on-line marketplaces; cryptocurrency trading; virtual reality; procedural content generation; video games; web mapping; bioinformatics; securities trading; and business process automation.

I have been building software products since childhood and building great software engineering teams for most of my professional life. Whilst my passion is for start ups and scale ups, I can also help larger companies encourage innovation within their teams.

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Selected Experience

2018 - 2021

Technology Consultant / CTO, Various

After working with several high growth technology startups I decided to start a consultancy practice focused on normally provided by a full time CTO but on a more flexible, as needed basis and various contracting IT work.


Chief Technology Officer at Glamazon

Glamazon operates Australia's largest freelance beauty stylist marketplace, and is pioneering the shared-economy model for at-home beauty services in Australia.

Technologies: Java, AWS, SQS, EC2, WordPress, JavaScript, React, React-Native, Play Framework, CI/CD, DevOps, Bash, Google Cloud

2017 - 2018

Chief Technology Officer at HelloCars

HelloCars is Australia's first nationwide, fully online used car dealership that gives Australians a safer, more convenient and better-value way to buy and sell used cars, without the hassle.

Technologies: PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Angular.js, AWS, SQS, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, New Relic, HTML, SCSS, Typescript, jQuery, MySQL

2015 - 2017

Senior Software Engineer at World Manager

My work at World Manager was largely focused on mobile, implementing a horizontally scalable push notification service as well as improving the architecture and UX of our white-label Android application that serves over 200 brands.

Technologies: Android, Java, Scala, PHP, AWS, SQS, SNS, Google Cloud, Protobuf

2014 - 2015

Software Engineering Team Lead at is the worlds largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace by total number of users and projects posted.

My headline project at was to lead the team in charge of improving user profile pages.

Following the success of this project the scope of our team was widened to encompass the entire Freelancer side of the business, including community pages and profile QA

Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular.js, Python, GoLang, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, Thrift



Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

This short course certifies me as a SCRUM Master (which I had previously been acting as for several years but had not yet gone through the full course).


Virtual Reality Design Bootcamp

This short course at Academy Xi taught me how to best design for AR/VR and the factors involved.


Bachelor of Science (Hons), UNSW

An Honors degree taught me how to research effectively in fundamental science.

Extra curricular: Treasurer; Purchasing Officer; Gear Officer; Dive boat operator; Reef trip organiser, UNSW Underwater club


Diploma in Innovation Management, UNSW

This course taught me how to best commercialise technology.

Extra curricular: Marketing Director, Entrepreneurs in Science.


Bachelor of Computer Science, University of Newcastle

Foundational training in computer science serves me to this day.

Extra curricular: Events coordinator, University of Newcastle Computer Society


Small Business Management Cert IV.

All areas of small business were covered in this course.

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What do we the STACK? The best we use for code and technologies needed to building some great projects and should they be fun, we can engage.
  • HTML5/CSS, JavaScript and SASS/SCSS. Used for just about everything we need for frontend. I use a range of Frameworks for a range of JavaScript to speed up and more maintainability.
  • Frameworks of frontend include Vue.js, React.js, Angular.js, React-Native (guess which the one out)
  • PHP is my bread of butter. Laravel is my favorite PHP Framework.
  • node.js (ie. JavaScript)
  • C#, Unity3D I have built a range of mobile, desktop, and VR.
  • Java Spring (or Play), as well as Android
  • Android architecture as MVP
  • MySQL or PostGreSQL - many for relational database.
  • NoSQL, DynamoDB and MongoDB
  • Cloud - Mostly AWS but also Azure.
  • DevOps - CloudFormation building infrastructure, travis-ci, and gitlab


I have built well over 10 years as a developer, some of my best includes:
C#, Unity3D, Android, iOS

Haunted Maze

Help the Princess explore the Haunted Maze! Tap to move. Difficulty and number of ghosts increases the further you get in.... Try not to get caught! Make your way to the ladder to advance.

Vue.js, nodejs, CloudFormation, DynamoDB

Digital Forms Statement

A digital forms system rated for 200k users

PHP, MySQL, Python, RabbitMQ Profile Pages

New UX, infrastructure and 16M profile pages


World Manager Android

A 200 brands for the World Manager Android App, using best practices with architecture for MVP

C#, Unity3D, VR

Let's Bond VR

A Virtual Reality Chemistry game that simulates Molecular Physics interactions between molecules. Made with Unity3D for Vive and Oculus Touch


Geospatial Genetics

A tool to help scientists visualise the spread of organisms containing different gene markers over web map, cross referenced with environmental data such as wind and temperature in the region as well as in depth gene sequence information.

C#, RunUO

DunGen, a procedural dungeon generator for Ultima Online

DunGen creates themed, configurable, randomised dungeons, filled with themed monsters that increase in difficulty up to the point of a final boss encounter

PHP, MySQL, Gitlab, Grafana, Graphite


A mashup of Grafana, Graphite, and Gitlab that annotates source code changes between deployments over the top of performance instrumentation graphs and metrics.